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You're the best, around…or at least in the NFC North

With Judas’ return to the NFC North, there seems to be an awful lot of discussion amongst fans where he fits on the list of quarterbacks already in the division.

For the record, I have him third…and that’s only because I don’t know how good Matthew Stafford is really going to be. I wanted to put [...]

Preseason game three vs. Arizona: Is it September 13 yet?

Remember last week when I said that, despite the Packers’ domination of Buffalo, we still had to temper our excitement a bit because it was a preseason game?

Yeah, screw that.

Get excited, folks. Get really excited.

Because if there’s one overlining theme from Friday night’s 44-37 road win over the defending NFC champion-Arizona Cardinals, it’s this: the [...]

Friendly fire: Update edition, part two

Here is the second (and final) part of our update on the seven major position battles still going on with the Green Bay Packers.

Part one covered backup quarterback, No. 3 running back and fullback. I’d link to it, but if you scroll down just a bit, you’ll find it. I mean, I know it’s Friday [...]

Friendly fire: Update edition, part one

(I wish we could utilize sound effects on this site, because I’d totally begin this post with the ultra-creepy “Update” music that used to run on “Unsolved Mysteries” whenever a criminal was caught or mystery was, in fact, solved. You remember, right? The music that should have made you feel better because something good had [...]

Schism?! Schism?! How is this possible?

I know I said we were done with the Judas talk for a while–hey, we’ve behaved ourselves pretty well the last few days–but if you’ll permit me a brief moment of schadenfreude, I’d like to share this link with you. 

I, for one am shocked. Shocked! How could this be possible, the guy who ESPN fawned over [...]

Wrapping up a busy past two days

The announcement of the starting offensive line is far from the only important development in Packerland over the past two days.

Here are my thoughts on what else has been going on.

As always, this information comes courtesy of the fine folks at the Green Bay Press Gazette and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Packers release Duke Preston

The Milwaukee [...]

Big-time offensive line developments

After Saturday night’s ass-kicking of the Buffalo Bills, head coach Mike McCarthy told reporters he hoped he’d find enough on the game tape to allow him to set his offensive line for the season.

Apparently, he did.

After Monday’s practice, McCarthy announced he had settled on five starters for 2009.

Chad Clifton (left tackle), Daryn Colledge (left guard), [...]

Fantasy Football Mania!!

Between the start of training camp and the whole Judas saga, we at OBOD realized we have been neglecting a crucial area of most NFL fans’ existences: fantasy football.

Seriously, how did that happen?

We’re not really sure. Just a total lack of judgement on our part, I guess.

Well, we’re very sorry about that and we’re going [...]

Preseason game two vs. Buffalo: These ain't your 2008 Packers

If you felt good about the Green Bay Packers after their preseason opener against Cleveland, you have to be over-the-moon about this team’s potential after Saturday night’s showing against Buffalo.

I use the word potential because it’s still the preseason, so we have to temper our excitement.

But only a little bit.

The Packers’ starting units on both [...]

Final thoughts on Favre

Just wanted to post a closing thought or two on Judas before, as Chris said, we turn from that subject to the preseason exploits of your 2009 NFC North champions. Consider this my minute as Morley Safer on “60 Minutes.” Or, perhaps more appropriately for this situation, Jerry Springer at the end of the show.

The [...]