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Friendly fire: Training camp battles, part three

The first two parts of this series have been offensive-minded. That’s because, well, most of the major pre-camp battles exist on that side of the ball.

By our count, there are only two that exist in the areas of defense and special teams – one in each, in fact.

And here they are:

Right outside linebacker

The combatants: Jeremy [...]

Friendly fire: Training camp battles, part two

(Quick apology: This was supposed to be up Wednesday afternoon. But the whole Judas situation caused us to push some things back. Our bad.)

Part one of our series focused on the three key battles along the offensive line. For part two, we’ll be focusing on three battles amongst players the hogs will – or, at [...]

One first round pick signed, one to go

Defensive lineman B.J. Raji (RAJI!) now sits alone as the last Green Bay Packer rookie to sign a contract as the team reached agreement with its other first round selection, outside linebacker Clay Matthews, Thursday evening.

According to Rob Demovsky of the Green Bay Press Gazette, the deal is likely close to the one given to [...]

Know your enemies: Minnesota Vikings edition

“You can’t lose what you don’t put in the middle…but you can’t win much either.”
-Mike McDermott, “Rounders”

Quick Refresher:

Even though the movie “Rounders” is about poker, the game the Vikings and Judas played all offseason was essentially a game of high stakes poker.  (I have been waiting  on a decision from the man who make waffle makers blush [...]

For today, Judas

During the end credits for the last episode of the great sketch comedy series, “The Kids in the Hall”, the five members of the famed Canadian comedy troupe are being buried alive.

After the credits end, a fat man – known as Bellini – wearing nothing but a towel walks on top of the fresh dirt [...]

Well Judas, you had us fooled

By now everyone in the northern half of Siberia knows that Judas has decided to stay retired.  (I am really curious what the guys at JudasFavre think of the decision.  Like it or a little sad that the Judas saga MAY be over?)

What does this all mean?  Well, for starters may be ESPN can cover something [...]

Friendly fire: Training camp battles, part one

(Before we begin: We were going to run this post yesterday, but we decided to give you Monday off. You’re welcome.)

Training camp will soon be upon us (four days and counting) and I think I speak for everyone when I say THANK GOD!

Finally, the players put on the pads, get out in the hot summer [...]

Biggest Draft Steals, Part V (final edition)

So it’s been a long and drawn-out journey breaking down the biggest draft steals in Packers history, a lot longer than I expected.  But we made it to the final decade: the 2000’s.

When  you look at steals, the best year to look at the decade is 2000.  It was the last great draft class of Ron Wolf [...]

Mount Cheesemore: Final face

So now we’ve come to the end of the road (wait, that’s from the Boyz II Men song – sorry).

Let’s try that again.

This is it – the final segment of the Mount Cheesemore series. One last name, one last face, that will go alongside Earl “Curly” Lambeau, Vince Lombardi and Ron Wolf to form a [...]

Ron Green Bay?

Monday, America’s favorite dog lover, Michael Vick, a.k.a. Ron Mexico (Google “Ron Mexico” if you don’t know what I’m talking about. I’d tell you, but this is an all-ages site), officially finished paying his debt to society.

Vick will begin working with renown personal trainer Tom Shaw and could soon meet with NFL Commisioner Roger Goodell [...]