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Free agency roundup

Albert Haynesworth’s $100 million deal with the Redskins (who called that?  I can’t remember) and the Kansas City Chiefs’ acquisition of Matt Cassel and Mike Vrabel from the New England Patriots are far from the only big transactions 43 hours into the NFL’s free agency signing period.

Here are some quick hits on the other high-profile [...]

Chiefs' theft of Cassel and Vrabel has implications for Packers

During his eight-year stint as a high-ranking official in the New England Patriots’ front office, Scott Pioli must have learned a lot under head coach Bill Belichick.

For Belichick’s sake, perhaps a bit too much.

That was shown Saturday as Pioli, now general manager for the Kansas City Chiefs, absolutely fleeced his former boss by acquiring quarterback [...]

How much will $36 million get you?

The 2009 NFL free agency season officially opened just over 9 hours ago.  As you can tell we are focusing heavily on this right now for a few a reasons, it’s a great offseason talker, the Packers have $36 million in cap space, and well, you can only break down the combine grades of  Dominque [...]

Haynesworth signs with Redskins

The biggest prize (literally) in this year’s Free Agent class is off the market.  Albert Haynesworth reached a deal early Friday morning with the Washington Redskins for a whopping seven years at $100 million, that could max out at $115 million and contains $41 million in guarantees.

How does this affect the Packers?  It doesn’t.  They [...]

Prognostication, free agency-style

It is now officially Friday, February 27, and you know what that means: the NFL free agency period has finally begun.

There is some elite talent available and while it is likely that none of these players will have even the most remote contact with the Packers, the fact that they are out there is still [...]

Possible free agent targets (if Ted Thompson decides to spend money…which he won't)

As this posts, we sit less than an hour away from the beginning of the NFL’s free agency signing period. Ah yes, free agency – a time in which a bunch of seemingly rational men turn into lunatics.

One  man who stays fairly calm, though, is Packers General Manager Ted Thompson. As Gene pointed out in [...]

Ted Thompson and free agency

Just got done reading this story from Mike Vandermause of the Green Bay Press-Gazette, comparing Ted Thompson’s approach in free agency to that of his mentor, Ron Wolf.

As us Packer fans all know (and some of us loathe), Thompson isn’t one to make many splashes in free agency. But I’m not so sure that’s a [...]

Bigby, Tauscher Headline Free Agent List

One of the the most exciting times of the NFL offseason is only 24 hours away: NFL Free Agency.  As Packers fans know, Ted Thompson has not been a major player in the yearly festivities in his tenure as GM.  Last year, his big move was bringing in OLB Brandon Chillar and the year before [...]

Welcome welcome welcome!

Considering this is the first post of our new venture , we’d like to begin by saying, simply, welcome. Whether you stumbled onto this site by accident or came here on purpose (Hi, mom), we just want to let you know how psyched we are to finally get this thing up and running. We’re going [...]